USB Penis Pump

usb-penis-pumpUSB Penis Pump ($89)

This powerful but convenient tool will allow you to practice effective penis enlargement training at home with the touch of a button.

This penis pump is usb powerered and fully rechargeable.

Designed to gently suck blood into your penis for maximum size enabling your cock to break new barriers in length and girth and quicker and more powerful erections!

Joel Kaplan Electric Penis Enlargement

joel kaplan electricJoel Kaplan Enlargement ($313)

Increase your penis size to unimagined length and girth, with one of the most sophisticated penis enlargement systems in the world.

The Joel Kaplan electronic penis pump sends a continuous and even flow of vacuum pressure to exercise your penis muscles and provide a constant flow of blood pressure to your cock.  This unique enlargement system can build your penis like no other enlarger can.

Automatic Rock Hard Pump

rock hardAutomatic Rock Hard Pump ($46)

A highly scientific and sophisitcated penis pump that will increase the size of your penis to the exact dimensions that you want it to.

Differs from other penis pumps in that there is no pumping requried from you – just switch on using the hand held controller and the pump will start sucking YOU!

Getting your dick big and hard in the most pleasurable way known to man!!

Extension Condom

extension condomThe Extension Condom ($9)

This is exactly what it says – a condom that increases the length of your penis by 2″.  Sounds like a great idea! The makers claim that it works as a regular condom.

*Warning – one customer has left a review stating that the condom was too tight to fit on.  So if you have a bigger than average cock size, maybe this wont work for you.

Cockstar Instant Penis Size Increasing Pills

cockstarCockstar Pils 2  ($5.24)

Need something that will give an instant boost to the size of your penis?  Cockstar ‘Punisher’ Pills promise just that, claiming to be able to increase the size of your penis within one hour and with effects lasting up to 36 hours.

Too good to be true?  At just $5, it might be too good an offer not to try.  Cockstar Punisher contains natural ingredients, such as Ginko, Ginseng, and other tried and tested herbal ingredients for a blend that will hopefully send the blood rushing to your penis and a big smile on the face of your lover!

How to Increase Penis Size

There are various ways you can increase the size of your penis.  These range from the all natural, such as taking completely natural herbal supplements, to the artificial, such as cosmetic surgery operations.

We believe that the best ways to increase penis size are a combination of natural methods and safe artificial methods.  Natural methods include the above mentioned herbal supplements.  These, however, should complement the most effective and safe artificial methods, which in our opinion, are penis extenders.  Penis extenders have been extensively researched and been proven to be both safe and effective.  We would not recommend surgery as not only are surgical methods expensive, they carry risks.  Do you really want some strange guy putting a knife to your dick??